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The Indiana County Chamber of Commerce is a local membership organization made up of business men and women who support the area’s commercial interests. The Chamber of Commerce offers a number of services to its members to promote a vigorous business climate and strengthen economic development opportunities in Indiana County.

Networking Events

The Chamber hosts a variety of events throughout the year allowing its members numerous opportunities to network.  The Indiana County Business Hall of Fame Banquet recognizes those individuals who have helped to shape the economic and commercial landscape currently in Indiana County.  The Indiana County Women’s Summit is a networking workshop dedicated to the professional, physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of women in the county.  The Chamber’s Annual Luncheon is held to highlight the economic development and newsworthy activities of the past year.  In addition, there are various events held monthly during breakfast, lunch, or after hours to provide additional networking opportunities for all members.

Workforce Development

One of the primary goals of the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce is workforce development.  The Chamber has formed a partnership with all seven Indiana County school districts in creating a workforce development program for senior high students designed to create a better and more competent workforce.  The program, titled Indiana County READY™, focuses on soft/essential skills and assesses students throughout an entire school year on the categories of reliability, work ethic, communication, respect, professionalism, and attendance. 

The Chamber serves as a professional and social forum for area business people to share information and ideas about the business community and the general well-being of the County.  The Chamber is involved in advocacy efforts to help support the Indiana County Business Community as well as educational efforts to better position current businesses for growth and success.
Take advantage of great networking, marketing, and Business-to-Business opportunities, and get connected with educational resources, job fairs, after-hours events, and much more.


Annual Chamber Membership Luncheon

Chamber Annual Membership Luncheon Meeting / IUP KCAC

If you would like additional information about Chamber of Commerce services, please contact Chamber President Mark Hilliard by calling (724) 465-2511.

Mark Hilliard - President, Indiana County Chamber of Commerce

Over 100 Years of Partnership

Indiana County businesses have been working together for economic progress since the early 1900s. While our industries and companies may have changed, the basics of partnership today are still much the same as they were back then.
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