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The December 2015 unadjusted labor force statistics for the Indiana County Micropolitan Statistical Area (mSA) reported a civilian labor force of 43,700, with a 5.1% unemployment rate, which was somewhat higher than Pennsylvania overall (4.1%) and the national unemployment rate (4.8%) for November 2015.

According to the Pennsylvania Center for Workforce Information & Analysis, there were 36,400 people employed in non-farm jobs in December 2015, working in the industry categories listed below. It should be noted that most of the employment by State and local government reflects employment by Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the public schools in the area, respectively.

Government 20.0%  
Retail Trade 16.5%  
Mining, Logging, & Construction 14.6%  
Education and Health Services 14.6%  
Leisure and Hospitality 8.2%  
Professional & Business Services 6.6%  
Manufacturing 5.8%  
Transportation, Warehouse & Utilities 5.2%  
Miscellaneous Services 4.4%  
Financial Activities 3.3%  

Historically speaking, Indiana County’s unemployment rates were consistently higher than State and National averages from the 1980s through the turn of the century, primarily as a result of declines in the mining industry and their related impacts on other sectors (see also Historical Unemployment Rates download in the sidebar). 

Beginning around 2001, however, Indiana County unemployment statistics began improving, as adaptive economic development strategies starting bearing fruit and as the oil and gas industries began experiencing economic upturns.

Those economic upturns were short-lived, however, as the realities of the 2008 national recession unfolded.
Even during the recession, however, Indiana County’s workforce statistics were better than the State and National averages. At the 2010 highpoint, Indiana County’s unemployment reached 11.2%, but it has been steadily improving since then.

The December 2014 statistics indicated that labor force has grown by 4,000 since 2010 and that the number of people employed has increased by 6,700. Meanwhile, the number of unemployed people has decreased by 2,700, resulting in a 6.8% decline in the unemployment rate (see data below).

Additional workforce data can be downloaded from the sidebar, or please contact us if you are seeking specific workforce data.


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