Business Services

Image of people sitting around desk with paperworkThe two pillars in the foundation of our primary mission to stimulate economic growth are helping existing companies flourish and attracting new companies.

To accomplish that, we draw upon our network of business partners and our connections with municipal, county, and state governmental agencies to streamline your expansion or relocation plans. In Indiana County, our experience shows  that coordination and collaboration reap economic dividends for residents and businesses alike.

Two of our CEO affiliates are especially skilled when it comes to making connections,  providing assistance, and delivering services to our businesses. The Indiana County Chamber of Commerce represents the entire county with a membership of over 800 businesses and organizations. Their networking events and training opportunities provide fertile occasions for business development and efficiency enhancements.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) has a wide array of resources to help businesses flourish and prosper. Utilizing faculty and students alike, IUP services include research collaboration, business services (planning, financial, training, etc.), technical expertise, workforce education/training, career development services, internships, and conferencing.

IUP also has  a wealth of expertise in specialized areas. Faculty members and their students take part in a variety of research projects across all disciplines and around the world. Take advantage of IUP's University Expertise Network if you need help in a particular area of research or interest. 

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