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Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) is actively involved in many areas that influence the economic development of Indiana County and the region. From directly supporting many business services to addressing the diverse needs of the area’s workforce, IUP offers a host of resources that help businesses strengthen their competitive position. Learn more about IUP in our About Us section.

Many of IUP's direct services to businesses are coordinated out of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology, which has over 2,000 students enrolled in career programs such as Accounting, Business Education, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Finance, General Management, and International Business.

Within the Eberly College of Business, the IUP Management Services Group is the umbrella group of faculty that oversees the outreach services to area businesses, both profit and nonprofit.  

Management Services Group

IUP Management Services Group

The MSG integrates student learning and entrepreneurship with diverse client needs, community interests, and funding streams for community agencies. IUP faculty members and students work in collaboration with area business executives, owners, managers, and entrepreneurs to help evaluate and achieve business objectives through sound planning and management.

They provide numerous specialty business services through the following business services and programs:

• Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
• Small Business Incubator
• Small Business Institute (SBI)
• Government Contracting Assistance Program (GCAP)
• Excellence in Entrepreneurial Leadership Center (ExcEL Center)
• Center for Family Business
• WEDnetPA GFT Grant Program

Find out more about the IUP Management Services Group from their website.

Small Business Development Center

IUP Small Business Development Center
The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) supplies entrepreneurs with the education, information, and tools necessary to build successful businesses. One of the SBDC’s most valuable tools is their assistance in the preparation of business plans. The SBDC at IUP also maintains strong relationships with area economic development agencies and coordinates referrals for other types of business assistance.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to turn your idea into a business or you’re a small business wanting to expand, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Indiana University of Pennsylvania can help put you on the right path.

The SBDC provides no-cost, confidential consulting services to entrepreneurs and small business owners in areas ranging from developing a business plan to several Specialized Consulting Services, such as:

IUP SBDC Talks: What is the SBDC
Visit the Media Center for more SBDC videos.

• Environmental Management
• Technology Commercialization
• International Business Assistance
• Engineering Development Services (in collaboration with Bucknell University)
• and more

Learn more about the IUP Small Business Development Center from their website.


Indiana County Small Business Incubator

The Indiana County Small Business Incubator provides assistance to start-up and developing companies with inexpensive rental space, access to shared office resources, and various services from the IUP’s Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. 

Indiana County Small Business Incubator

The incubator is:

• A facility dedicated to aiding the entrepreneur through their critical first years of operation
• A route for the entrepreneur to turn initial business plans into a new company
• A technical management resource center for the local business community



U.S. statistics show that business incubators increase the survival rate of start-ups from 35 percent to 87 percent. Oftentimes their survival rate is directly correlated with access to services such as:

• Low initial rent rates
• Receptionists
• Shared use of fax and copy machines
• Business advice
• Mentoring
• Conference rooms
• Networking with other businesses
• Student interns

Indiana County's incubator offers all of the above. Let them help launch your enterprise.

Learn more about the Indiana County Small Business Incubator from their website.

Small Business Institute (SBI)

The Small Business Institute offers inexpensive assistance with specific functional needs to qualified local businesses. The SBI is part of the IUP Eberly College of Business and Information Technology's business outreach effort.

The SBI provides business support services to local businesses and other organizations by working on specialized projects. Teams of highly skilled, motivated undergraduate/MBA students and experienced faculty members with professional consulting backgrounds provide a number of valuable services.This award-winning program can assist businesses in a range of areas:

MANAGEMENT – including:

• Business planning
• Feasibility studies
• New business venture/product development
• Competitor analysis
• Employee handbook and policy manuals, job analysis and descriptions


• New product and market development
• Market analysis and marketing planning/strategy
• Promotional material development (brochures, logos, etc.) and advertising


• New/existing computer system analysis and development
• Database/information/accounting system analysis development and implementation


• Cash flow analysis/proformas
• New product/business analysis/feasibility studies

ACCOUNTING– including:

• Accounting systems (needs assessment, software evaluation/selection/implementation)
• Operational and business plan budgeting
• Cost accounting

Find out more about the IUP Small Business Institute from their website.


Government Contracting Assistance Program (GCAP)

The IUP Government Contracting Assistance Program (GCAP) providIUP Government Contracting Assistance Programes procurement technical assistance to firms interested in selling goods or services to local, state, and/or federal governments. They supply individualized assistance with marketing strategies to reach government agencies. GCAP is funded by a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense.

The following services are provided at no cost:

•Computerized bid matching of clients products with government needs
•Procurement and product pricing history reports
•Military specifications and standards
•Research assistance to target government markets
•Workshops, seminars, and training sessions
•Library of self-help publications and resource data
•Counseling and one-on-one support

Learn about the Government Contracting Assistance Program on their website.

The ExcEL Center: Excellence in Entrepreneurial Leadership

The ExcEL Center at IUP enhances the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and new venture creation throughout the university and local community. By linking IUP to a network of community and business partners, the center provides students across all academic disciplines with opportunities to pursue an entrepreneurial path while continuing their education.

Students receive hands on entrepreneurial experience that enhances their undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship coursework, and businesses receive free assistance from aspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s a win-win opportunity for both the student and the employer.

Learn more about the Excellence in Entrepreneurial Leadership Program from their website.

Image of people sitting aroung large conference table

The Center for Family Business

The IUP Center for Family Business supports and educates family-owned and operated businesses. The Center provides professional presentations and the opportunity for roundtable discussions on topics relevant to family-owned businesses. Participants who own or run family-owned companies can meet with their peers in informal, facilitated groups to communicate on issues and solutions of interest to this particular type of business.

Get more information about the IUP Center for Family Business from their website.

Workforce Training

WEDnetPA GFT Program
The WEDnetPA Guaranteed Free Training Grant Program (GFT) helps employers obtain grant funding for employee training programs.This Pennsylvania program, conducted through IUP, provides qualified companies with money for training in a wide range of basic and high-tech topics.

Type of skills training covered under WEDnet:

Basic Skills Training provides up to $450 per eligible employee for basic and entry-level skills training. Some examples include but are not limited to:

• Business operations
• Manufacturing fundamentals
• Quality assurance
• Problem solving, communication, and teamwork

Information Technology Training provides up to $850 per eligible employee for advanced information technology skills training. Some examples include but are not limited to:

• E-Business commerce
• Information security
• Database development
• Computer programming, network administration

For more information, please review the 2014-15 program guidelines document.

Find out more from the WEDnetPA Program website.


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