Local Financing

RLF: A low-interest way to get off the ground

When alternative sources of financing seem inadequate to help your business expand or remodel, consider the RLF Program as a low-interest option. Indiana County sponsors the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) to fill potential funding gaps. 

The RLF is designed to fill a portion of your funding needs. It provides start-ups or existing businesses with money for working capital, equipment for land and buildings, and other costs. Revolving Loan Fund

One objective of the RLF financing is to advance projects that will create or retain jobs. These jobs should directly result from receiving the loan, and business owners and entrepreneurs will be asked to create and retain jobs within Indiana County. The level of jobs will be based on the level of funding received.

Our process requires that you submit much of the same information you would normally provide to a bank when applying for financing. You can start this process by contacting Angela Campisano to discuss your project. Angela can be reached via telephone at (724) 465-3870, extension 3873, or through email at acampi@ceo.co.indiana.pa.us. If we determine that your project meets the objectives of the program, you will move on to the next step and be asked to submit the application and supporting documentation.

When other traditional sources of funding fall short, the RLF can be an attractive alternative for your business. Review the Indiana County RLF brochure for more information.


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