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    Students, Instructors Rise To Meet Demand By Making Medical Masks

    “It’s a great thing but it’s growing like a monster,” Adams said.

    But indeed the project has changed almost daily since early in the week when word first broke that Adams and his students were using 3-D printers to churn out headband frames for protective face shields for medical workers. They were donating them to Indiana Regional Medical Center.

    It’s grown in participation and benefit daily.

    What’s been steady is that it’s meeting health care workers’ needs for protective gear as they treat patients who may have a COVID-19 infection.

    Adams’ network of five students has become a mini-factory making the headbands for the face shields.

    “We call them the COVID Avengers, so they have a little stake in the battle against the virus that kicked them out of their brick-and-mortar school,” Adams said. “It changed their lives, so now they feel like they’re doing something to help out the health care workers in our community.”

    3-D printing is the buzzword for additive technology. The “printing” devices follow a digital blueprint to apply thin layers of material, usually plastic, and after hundreds of layers have shaped the desired object.

    The headbands have three hooks, corresponding with three notches (from a standard three-hold punch) in a clear acetate sheet that completes the protective shield for doctors and nurses. And more.

    “We assemble them here at our house, then we drop them off at the hospital,” Adams explained.

    “It’s always neat when something like this happens, where you need to turn on a dime. It’s that little singular guy who tinkers in the basement who can find a solution faster than waiting for a large corporation to move. And then once you do the grass-roots, the people make the personal connection and ask to jump on board.

    “That’s so much fun to see, because then it’s a whole neighborhood of collaboration that would not have happened otherwise.”

    As word of Adams’ crew spread, technology teacher Michael Rescenete and students from Indiana County Technology Center joined the project.

    Rescenete reported Tuesday to ICTC Director Michael McDermott that production was underway at his home, and that Indiana Area School District teachers Mark Rend and Daniel Murphy had begun production too.

    “This little army of 3-D printers is growing and growing,” Adams said.

    By Wednesday, Adams created a Facebook page, “COVID Avengers — 3D Print Face Shields to Donate to Hospitals,” with instructions for local students and other 3-D printing enthusiasts about the project. A link on the page directs 3-D printer owners to a website ( where they can download the digital blueprints for an array of printable products needed for the battle against COVID-19.

    Paramedics approached the “COVID Avengers” for help. Now a supply of face shields will go to Citizens’ Ambulance Service.

    By Thursday evening, Homer-Center school board members raved about the project and the publicity it had so far generated for the district.

    High School Principal Jody Rainey told the board that Penns Manor School District students had joined the project.

    Biology teacher Lisa Adams — Brad’s wife — told the board that Homer-Center alum T.J. Roser, a staffer at the Fox Chapel-based organ transplant coordination program, Center for Organ Recovery and Education (CORE), had asked the group for 100 face shields.

    Yet another Homer-Center graduate, Megan Vilcek, now living in New York City and working as a physician assistant in a transplant center there, also will get a shipment of face shields from the group, Brad Adams said.

    “The more people hear about it, the more they ask. ‘I’ll take 10; I’ll take 25.’ And it’s really exciting because the kids know they are helping people all over the place,” Adams said.

    Counting the IRMC order, Lisa Adams told the board on behalf of the COVID Avengers, “We need to crank out 300 more by next Friday. We’re doing 38 a day — we’re busy!”

    By Friday, Brad Adams said, production capacity had risen to 60 to 70 a day. That’s if nearly 15 3-D printing operators now on board ran the machines up to 15 hours a day. One face shield frame can be completed in three hours, actually with little attention from the operator except at the start and finish.

    Adams credited Hilliary Creely, the associate dean for research at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania School of Graduate Studies and Research, who had contacted IRMC for ideas of how IUP could assist the hospital during the pandemic.

    As partners in promotion and development of the SteamShop concept for STEM education in Indiana County, Creely relayed the 3-D printing opportunities to Adams.

    “I’m watching IUP collaborate with IRMC for something huge that could go national if they figure out their solution,” Adams said. “And all across the nation I’ve been reading of people making face masks, designing the next best face mask.”

    The “COVID Avengers” Facebook group page not only connects the local team members but can encourage other 3-D printer users to do the same and get products out as soon as possible — “because it can only save lives,” Adams said.

    “That’s what excites our kids. Our students feel like they’ve got a stake in the game, they feel like they’re not just sitting there doing nothing. They feel like they’re helping not only their community, but their efforts are reaching out far beyond our community.

    “I think you need to share the love with the health care workers. They are on the front line,” Adams said. “We’re doing anything we can to help them out. Essentially, that’s who and why we’re printing and distributing and spending the hours doing it.”

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    Trustees amend residency requirement

    At a special meeting of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Council of Trustees Tuesday afternoon, an on-campus living residency requirement was amended to expand the mileage allowed for commuter students, and reduce the length of time required of transfer and…
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    County courthouse to begin easing restrictions

    A loosening of COVID-19 pandemic preventive restrictions at the Indiana County Court House will take effect next week, court officials said Tuesday.
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    Salary board announces hires, promotions

    The Indiana County probation office will come under new leadership in late June.
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    Graduation ceremony set to recognize students at ICTC

    A graduation ceremony is set for this evening for seniors at Indiana County Technology Center, where students from seven area school districts will be presented certificates for completion of their studies in trades and technology skills in the parking lot…
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    Three teachers hired at high school

    The Homer-Center School District board of directors on Tuesday hired three teachers to the staff at the high school for the 2020-2021 school year, each of them veteran educators including one with credentials as an administrator at Indiana University of…
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    Preliminary budget holds line on taxes despite shortfall

    After hearing the message that “every dollar counts,” the Blairsville-Saltsburg school board adopted a preliminary budget Tuesday that reflects a shortfall but holds the line on taxes.
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    4-Hers participate in virtual horse program

    Four Indiana County 4-H horse club members recently participated in the virtual PA 4-H Horse Program East-West Challenge.
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    Updated: A map of COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania

    A look at the location of COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania by county.
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    Survey: Virus may cost county millions in revenues

    A survey conducted for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development suggests that Indiana County municipalities could lose from $1.5 million to $6.5 million in revenues as a result of COVID-19.
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    The Virtual World of Post-Pandemic America

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    COVID-19: Testing the Limits of Hospitals

    The chief strategy in preventing pan­demics is to test everyone within a country or region who is symptomatic, and if found positive, quarantine them to prevent community spread, which could overwhelm the capacity of local hospitals and health care providers. As of March 18, only 6,563 Americans had been tested for the novel coronavirus. After COVID-19 hit South Korea, the […]
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    4 Tips on Working From Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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    Coronavirus and the Impact on Gas and LNG

    (AP) As with all commodities, the impact of the novel coronavirus (2019- nCoV) on Chinese gas demand will de­pend on both the severity and length of time required to contain the outbreak. Estimated gas demand loss in China had reached 2 billion cubic metres (bcm) by the end of the first week in February, with more than half of this […]
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    Monaca Cracker Plant Another Link in Proposed “Petrochemical Corridor”

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    There’s a New “Coal” Coming to Appalachia – PLASTICS

    On March 4-6, the Ohio Oil and Gas As­sociation held its 73rd annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio. The event brought togeth­er top state and national industry leaders who discussed important issues facing the Ohio oil and gas industry, including the oversupply of natural gas that caused gas prices to plummet. “We had a great attendance, over 700 people, and in […]
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    Pennsylvania Well Report February 1 – March 27, 2020

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    Pennsylvania Natural Gas Industry Ready For Electoral Challenges

    (AP) After years of ideologues and elites using the natural gas industry as a punch­ing bag for politics and climate change activ­ism, Nick DeIuliis, the CEO of CNX Resources, one of the largest nat­ural gas producers in Western Pennsylvania, has had enough. He had decided to speak out because he was tired of the natural gas and manufacturing industries being […]
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    Appalachian Pipelines: Reversing the Flow of Natural Gas

    Like bemouth snakes, 30-inch diameter natural gas pipelines are now winding their way underground throughout the Appalachian Basin, resulting in in­creased supplies of natural gas being transported to the Eastern Midwest and eventually into New England and into the South Central region, which includes the Gulf Coast states and Texas. Before the Appalachian shale boom, natural gas supplies to the […]
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    Aurora hires to leadership team, hits 500 employees

    All three key hires will work out of the company's Bay Area operations.
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    Former Bush administration official on pandemic economy: "This is a giant behavioral study that we’re going through.”

    Tony Fratto spoke Wednesday about the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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    Why Highmark Health, AHN gave $5M to its front-line employees

    Holmberg said the board and management team of Highmark Health decided early on to do whatever it needed to get through the crisis.
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    DiAnoia pizza concept expanding to Robinson Township

    Strip District pizza place to open second location along the Parkway West with a third in the works
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    Zoom CIO talks security and privacy on tech council webinar

    Zoom announced plans earlier this month to open a research and development center in Pittsburgh.
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    OneJet investors lawsuit continues, but with 2 defendants, counts out

    Bankruptcy court judge, in response to motions for dismissal, keeps alive much of the suit but removes some counts, defendants and plaintiffs in extensive ruling.
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    Client's check kiting scheme may incur credit loss for this Pittsburgh bank

    Bank says in SEC filing it believes customer's parent company has hired a restructuring agent.
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    RE2 Robotics receives millions in funding from U.S. Navy

    The Pittsburgh-based robotics company will further develop its Dexterous Maritime Manipulation System.
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    Duquesne University School of Law holding virtual commencement ceremony

    The Duquesne University School of Law will hold its 106th but first virtual commencement ceremony on Friday at 11 a.m. The format change is due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Duquesne moved classes online in early March. Duquesne President Ken Gormley, former dean of the law school, will confer the degrees to 132 graduates. Judge Elliot Howsie of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, a 1998 graduate of the school, will deliver the commencement address. “This commencement will be a day of…
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    AHN front-line workers to get one-time payment

    he Heroes Appreciation Program will go to AHN nurses, medical assistants, therapists social workers, technicians, environmental services professionals, dietary workers, maintenance staff and others who Highmark Health said kept the hospitals operational during the last several months of the crisis.
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