Aim First Firearms LLC Breaks Ground On New Facility

Aim First Firearms LLC conducted a groundbreaking ceremony at 2 p.m. Thursday, April 4, at the location of their new facility in Blairsville.

In February 2023, an electrical fire destroyed parts of the previous building. Since the fire, the business has been operating online and by appointment.

Owner Cory Schaeffer is quick to praise the local firefighters’ diligence in containing the fire to only certain parts of the building. Excessive water damage, however, made the construction of an entire new facility necessary.

“After the insurance company concluded their investigation and released the funds, we started working with various people to develop a strong business plan to present to the bank,” he said.

In a March 21 Facebook post on the Aim First Firearms LLC page, Schaeffer wrote, “We are very proud to say all the hands going into the rebuild are local companies.”

“Clawson Designs LLC has absolutely crushed this entire project,” he continued. “I highly recommend anyone needing an engineer to reach out to them.”

Schaeffer is hopeful the building will be open for business in June or July of 2024.

“If we didn’t have the customer base and support that we do, rebuilding might not have been an option,” he said. “We treat our customers like family. We’ve had so much support.”

Aim First Firearms LLC currently sells firearms and firearm-related goods, gunsmithing, firearm manufacturing, custom laser engravings and ceramic coating.

Schaeffer said he is excited to announce that the business is introducing several new services, including: cerakoting, hydro dipping, custom builds and an exclusive “Mag of the Month Club.” Additionally, Schaeffer hopes for the company to begin manufacturing its own line of firearms and suppressors.

“We wanted to do more than just gun sales,” he said. “We’re going to start getting hands-on. And these new services will provide more jobs for the community.”

The hiring process has not officially begun but Schaeffer is interested in talking to anyone with experience in manufacturing, customer service, machining and management.

For more information and updates on the new facility’s progress, follow the Aim First Firearms LLC Facebook page.