Workforce & Training

Workforce Development

Workforce development is an essential component of any successful economic development strategy. All employers need access to a well trained workforce and ongoing training programs to keep their workforce skill levels current, to give their companies a competitive edge, to increase productivity, and to continue to grow and expand.   

Education, training, and opportunities for continuous learning are critical in order to feed the demand for innovation in today’s knowledge-based environments. Universities and community colleges are traditional providers for the continuing education and adult training needs of a community. In recent years other training providers in Indiana County have addressed specific needs for people entering the workforce.  

Because employees are the backbone of any business, the Indiana County Center for Economic Operations (CEO) is committed to supporting and developing our workforce to its fullest potential. A comprehensive network of resources offers progressive career planning and enhancement tools, classes, and programs.

The following organizations provide information, training, and other resources to help people find the skills, jobs, and careers they need to be successful.


Pennsylvania CareerLink Indiana County – The PA CareerLink is a one-stop office providing an array of onsite services with staff from various state, federal, non-profit and other partner agencies. Our primary goal is to connect employers with qualified job seekers.

CareerT.R.A.C.K.– CareerTrack is a comprehensive resource that assists individuals who are experiencing job or career change. It offers assessment, career exploration, training, support, and job searches.

Tri-County Workforce Investment Board – The Tri-County Workforce Investment Board is a group that provides a wide range of services to help individuals become more independent and prepare for and maintain employment. Services offered are for youth, adult, and dislocated workers. Their mission is to provide responsive and innovative leadership that meets the current and future needs of employers and job seekers. 

Training Centers

Learn more about the training centers listed below and get other information from our Education page.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Whether you are seeking access to resources for an existing business or to start a new company, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) offers a wide range of university-wide capabilities through its faculty, staff, and students.

Indiana County Community College Center – Indiana County Community College is a branch of Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC) near the Jimmy Stewart Airport in Indiana County. It provides quality instructional and occupational programs for employers, adults, and traditional post-secondary students in the areas of accounting, allied health, biology, business, computers, early childhood development, economics, electronics, English, human services, mathematics, nursing, psychology, sociology, and speech.

The Indiana County Technology Center – ICTC is a technical school that provides vocational education and training for area high schools, continuing vocational training for adults, and sponsorship of the Alliance for Business and Education Leadership (ABEL) program. The purpose of the ABEL program is to link education with business so that all students are better prepared to succeed in the evolving workplace. They also offer OSHA and company-specific gas and oil industry training.

Catalyst Connection – Catalyst Connection is a manufacturing consulting group that is committed to advancing the performance of manufacturing companies in southwestern Pennsylvania. Serving the manufacturing sector for over 22 years, Catalyst Connection provides the latest industry best practices through training courses, workshops, and webinars for fresh approaches to everyday challenges and long-term goals.