America250 – What is it?

As America’s 250th anniversary approaches in 2026, communities across the country are preparing to celebrate this historic milestone. Indiana County, Pennsylvania is no exception, as it gears up to commemorate America250 in its own unique way. The Indiana County Commissioners have tasked the Indiana County Tourist Bureau as the lead agency for the county. 

The America250 celebration will be a time for reflection on the country’s rich history and a chance to look toward the future with renewed optimism. It will also be an opportunity to celebrate the unique contributions of each community across the country, including every township, and borough, along with our institutions and businesses.  

As part of the America250 celebration, Indiana County is planning a number of events that highlight the county’s rich history and cultural heritage. From historical tours of the county’s many landmarks to music and art festivals that showcase the county’s vibrant arts scene, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.  

In addition to the festivities, the America250 celebration will also be an opportunity for the county to come together and reflect on what it means to be American. It will be a time to celebrate the values that have made America great, such as freedom, democracy, and innovation, and to recommit upholding these values in the years to come. 

As part of its preparations for America250, Indiana County is also working to strengthen its community partnerships and promote civic engagement. By working together, the community can ensure that the America250 celebration is a true reflection of the county’s values and aspirations. Organizers are encouraged to think about ways to integrate the America250 theme when planning for activities, events and projects over the next several years.  

Overall, the America250 celebration promises to be a time of great significance for Indiana County, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the entire country. It is an opportunity to celebrate our shared history and to look forward to a brighter future filled with possibility and hope. 

The America250PA Indiana County initiative will be a multi-year effort and the celebration will continue through 2026 but look for exciting events to culminate around July 4, 2026. Those who are interested in learning more or becoming involved in our local planning, contact Laura Herrington at the tourist bureau office, 724-463-7505 or via email lherrington@visitindianacountypa.org for more information.  

To learn more about Pennsylvania’s efforts, visit their website; www. America250PA.org