America250PA Indiana County

America 250 is a nationwide initiative, celebrating the 250th anniversary of the United States! The Commission was established to “encourage, develop and coordinate the commemoration of the nation’s 250th anniversary, as well as Pennsylvania’s integral role in that event, and the impact of its people on the nation’s past, present and future.” 

The multi-year commemoration is underway and will culminate on July 4, 2026, officially concluding in 2027. Local
businesses and community organizations are encouraged to begin thinking about ways to integrate the America250PA theme when planning for activities, events and projects over the next several years.

Those interested in learning more about the Indiana County America250 initiative or wishing to become involved are
encouraged to reach out to the Indiana County Tourist Bureau at 724-463-7505.

To learn more about Pennsylvania’s
efforts, visit their website; www.America250PA.org