Another Wonderful Life: The Art of Mary Stewart Exhibit

The Jimmy Stewart Museum will be featuring a new exhibit entitled Another Wonderful Life: The Art of Mary Stewart. Jimmy Stewart’s sister Mary was a very talented artist who chose to go to Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon) in Pittsburgh to continue her art education. She then moved to New York and got a job using her artistic talents at Charm Magazine. Through different mediums, Mary displayed a unique talent and the museum is thrilled to shine a spot light on her.

When Jimmy Stewart left a successful Hollywood career to join the Army Air Corps. in 1941, his sister, New York City based artist Mary, felt she would like to contribute to the war effort as well.

She created artwork for the organization, Artists for Victory, that held the National War Poster Competition (NWPC)of 1942. Her cartoon was accepted and won first prize at a juried exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, beating out luminaries like Saul Steinberg, Charles Addams and others. The exhibition went on to tour the country to promote War Bonds.

Mary’s work and life will be celebrated beginning May 20, 2023 at the Jimmy Stewart Museum. From her early work during years growing up in Indiana to her magazine cartoon career in New York to delicate portraits of children, family and friends, all will be on exhibit at the show. Little seen family photos and stories are woven throughout the display. The exhibit will run through the end of August.

For more information contact: Janie McKirgan, Executive Director of The Jimmy Stewart Museum, PH: 724-349-6112, email: jmckirgan@jimmy.org