Indiana County WalkWorks Decathlon Program Wrap-Up

The Indiana County WalkWorks Decathlon Program wrapped up their 7th year of programmed events by participating in the Children’s Advisory Commission’s Family Nature Palooza at Blue Spruce Park on June 3rd.They were able to engage with over 200 attendees at the highly anticipated event. Raffle prizes for participants (who signed up for the raffle) in the Decathlon were drawn in the afternoon. This year, there were nearly 150 individual entries into the raffle. This is a great sign for the participation levels for the program, and the team will be encouraged to review this year’s participation metrics over the coming weeks.

The Indiana County Decathlon is an annual program held with the intent to encourage physical outdoor activity during the winter and spring while getting to learn about natural, recreational, historical, and cultural places, resources, and activities throughout the County. This program is coordinated by an advisory group of dedicated volunteers in cooperation with Pennsylvania WalkWorks program, the YMCA of Indiana County, Indiana County Parks & Trails and the Indiana County Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ICATAC).

See additional program details including information on past years’ programs and download self-guided walking flyers by visiting https://icopd.org/indiana-county-walkworks-program.html. Flyers and walking events are also advertised on our Facebook page, Indiana County Walking Decathlon.