IRMC Update

Hospitals have many essential personnel. Some are directly involved in patient care, while others, working diligently behind the scenes, work tirelessly to maintain the facilities that house our patients and support our mission of providing excellent patient care.

Indiana County Technology Center (ICTC) students have been hard at work on various projects to support IRMC’s facilities management.  Recently, students completed a project to reverse engineer a broken part for IRMC. Students created a prototype of the specific part by using 3D printing, machines, and computers. After inspection and approval of the prototype, they manufactured the exact part needed.

Two students have been integral in the process. Ethan Wells, son of Tony Wells and Angela Wells, is a junior at Marion Center School District. He shared, “My favorite part of ICTC is that every day is something different. We get exposure to projects from all different industries, like healthcare, military, heating, and cooling and more.” Ethan Willard, son of X and X, is a X at Marion Center School District. Both Wells and Willard were born at IRMC.

Students in ICTC’s Engineering, Machining, and Design program are in grades 10, 11, and 12, from each of the school districts in Indiana County. The EMD Program is designed to provide each student with the latest technological skills needed for entry in the metalworking occupations. Students spend two and a half hours at ICTC each day. In this high demand and highly recognized industry, most students complete the program and obtain jobs locally. ICTC graduates have filled many job openings at IRMC.