New Business Advisory Group Empowers Entrepreneurs in the Indiana Area

If you are a local entrepreneur interested in starting a business or thinking about a major change you can now meet for free with several experts in town. The Indiana-area Council on Entrepreneurship (ICE) is a new business advisory group that meets weekly in the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center (TEC) in downtown Indiana. The group’s goal is to catalyze economic growth and foster innovation in the Indiana area. Get your business off the ground and avoid common mistakes by meeting with this group.

The ICE members possess the expertise and experience you need and can access a network of supporters that includes all of Indiana County and beyond. The group meets on Fridays at either 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. in the TEC classroom. Individuals interested in meeting with the group should reach out to Erick Lauber, Executive Director of the TEC at info@tecenter.org.

The inaugural members of the ICE include; Vivian Supinka, a partner at the Supinka and Supinka law firm; Tony Palamone, former IUP SBDC director; Rickey Miller, CEO of See World Satellites and a successful entrepreneur; Mark Zilner, CEO of Diamond Pharmacy Services; Bob Marcus, a partner at the Marcus and Mack law firm; John Horell, President of KIZ Resources; Jose Otero, Portfolio Manager at Ben Franklin Technology Partners; John Dolan, former CEO of First Commonwealth Financial Corporation; and Erick Lauber, President of Simulations and Interactive Media. Other members of the business community will likely be added.

“I believe in the transformative power of rural businesses, and I’m committed to nurturing an environment where innovation and prosperity can thrive”, said Lauber. “With the success of the TEC’s co-working spaces and TV/photo studio, not to mention our 3D workspace and high-end computer classroom, we’ve seen what local individuals can do if they are supported and given the chance to achieve their vision.”