Otters of Blairsville: A Public Art Project

Members of the Blairsville community, in partnership with the Blairsville Area Underground Railroad, have launched “Otters of Blairsville,” a new public art project in Blairsville.  This group recognizes the historic importance of the Conemaugh “otter” River to Blairsville.  Post-industrial revolution resulted in the river becoming nearly decimated of life.  The many reports of the return of the river otter are an indication of the health and vitality of the river. 

The Otters of Blairsville public art project, funded in part by a grant by the Creative Arts Collective, celebrates the health of the Conemaugh, our native otters, and the talented artists who have created these unique statues. It is the goal of the Otters of Blairsville public art program to increase tourism to Blairsville, foot-traffic to downtown businesses, and recreation on the beautiful Conemaugh River. Otters may be purchased for $350 each, decorated and displayed by businesses and individuals in the 15717-zip code. The completed otters will be included in the Otters of Blairsville tour map. Visit Otters of Blairsville on Facebook, undergroundrailroadblairsvillepa.com, or email ottersofblairsville@gmail.com for additional information.