Riziki Café Opens Business At JSA

A group of women started the idea of a coffee shop/cafe by running the non-profit cafe in Indiana, PA. Karen was the manager, Linda was the baker, Chloe was the barista and Shawna was the cook at the cafe, and their friendship knit together. In light of COVID, the mall shut down all stores. Karen, Linda, Chloe, and Shawna still had a passion for supporting charities through specialty coffee drinks, homemade baked goods, and great food. They started looking for places to open a cafe in Indiana, PA and began to mix and formulate plans to infuse specialty coffee with great food, homemade baked goods, and missions. As they continued to talk, their plans took flight to open a cafe that would make a difference in Indiana and in the world. Percolating hope through coffee and baking a difference in the world. Riziki Café landed at the Jimmy Stewart Airport and opened their doors on March 7, 2022. They use “Endiro Coffee” from Uganda which helps vulnerable women and their families. Riziki Café uses a portion of their proceeds to donate to charities locally, within the US, and internationally. They also use a portion of the proceeds to help vulnerable Ugandan women feed their families. Riziki Café is open Monday through Friday 7am to 2pm and has breakfast, lunch, homemade baked goods, and all types of specialty coffee drinks. Online ordering, (www.rizikicafe.com), curbside service, and dining in is available.