Levity Brewing Company

When craft beer was a cool new trend in the cities, we were non-trepreneurs who worked our day jobs and home-brewed as a hobby.  Then we became obsessed with the idea of opening Levity Brewing Co. in Indiana, and suddenly the list of things and knowledge we needed became enormous.  The SBDC took our energy and channeled it into the hard work of writing a business plan. They challenged us to think harder about the idea from many perspectives, and the result was a much better plan and financial projection than we could have done alone. The Indiana County Revolving Loan Fund gave us a much-needed injection of funds with extremely helpful terms, and all before we had sold a single beer!  The relationships we built in and around those two groups opened up doors for us that we are still benefitting from 6 years later.  If you want to start or grow a business in Indiana County you need to make friends with the sharp, kind, and energetic people in these organizations. Right now. Call them up, meet at Levity, and light the fuse on something great!