The Wright Sales – New To Indiana County

While much of education and business moves towards embracing all things digital, there is still a massive need for the more humble and faithful tools such as pencils, notebooks, crayons and more that are the foundation upon which young minds build their futures. The Wright Sales team of Kyle Wright, Dalton Uncapher, Jason Preuss, and Ronald Kelley hope to revolutionize the way parents, schools, and organizations buy school supplies in the way computers revolutionized the world.

Founded in 2015, The Wright Sales, located at 2866 W. Pike Rd, began as novice ecommerce sellers, slowly navigating and learning the complexities of various selling platforms and developing their own brands. Their first brand, House of Blair Candy, found tremendous success after partnering with a Pennsylvania based candy business, Blair Candy, located in Altoona. After seeing the success of their first brand, the four young business owners decided to venture into the practically untouched marketplace of school supplies. Their newest brand, School Supply Boxes, was developed from a simple question: “How can we make the process of buying school supplies more efficient, more convenient, and more impactful?” After placing pre-filled kits curated for elementary through high school grades on Amazon, parents and educators made it clear they were eager to put their car keys down and take their school supplies shopping online.

With their brand motto “Making a Difference, One Kit at a Time,” The Wright Sales now has several prefabricated kits filled with everything from simple pencils and crayons to scientific calculators and graph paper. Although the company started with their line of pre-filled kits, the company has now partnered with many school districts, non-profit organizations, and large businesses to offer custom kits ranging from the simple to more complex kits designed for STEM-based curriculum. Many of their customers praise the company for refusing to cut corners by only providing name brand products teachers and parents trust, such as Crayola and Elmer’s products. The hope is for School Supply Boxes to become as synonymous with school supplies as Amazon is for online shopping. 

Though the last decade has been a massive success for the young company, the four partners of The Wright Sales have not forgotten about their commitment to the community they love, sponsoring and donating to local events and charities every year. 

As the company continues to expand their brand influence around the country, the partners remain humble to their quick success and are excited about the adventure that awaits them and the economic impact they bring to local Indiana residents.